Friday, October 29, 2010

Play group Halloween party

On October 27th, we had a Halloween party at our house for playgroup. It was a combined party with both of my play groups, so it was a fun and lively event!

Leah with Boo in matching outfits

We had the kids dressing up in costumes as optional(most did), we painted pumpkins (byop-bring your own pumpkin), feasted on a yummy potluck lunch, went on a trick-or-treat hunt, and then ended with frosting pumpkin cupcakes for dessert.

I bought washable paint this time!
Jenalee enjoying her cupcake

Yummy potluck lunch. Teah made the prize winning Jack-o-lantern pizza

Janae made the prize winning Witches hats calazones.
Faith made the prize winning Mummy dogs. They all won prizes for most festive food.
I took pictures of most families that came. Tania and her two mushrooms(daughters dressed as mushrooms and sons where mario and luigi for halloween) had to leave before I started taking the pics.
Sharon with daughter hollie and Janae with son Zak
Me and my crazy kids
Anna with Miles and Ashlee with Gavin below. Ashley won most festively dressed!
Alanna with daughter Kiera

Faith and Myra
Emily with Carter, Alexis and Brynn. We'll miss you when you move to Florida!!

Teah with her boys Dillan and drew. Congrats on your new baby girl!

What a fun day!!

Our Family Update

We have been very busy this month. Which is great because it means we have been very active and getting out of the house! The above picture was taken after we found out we were having a boy at Wendy's where I stopped with the kids to celebrate their new brother!

Today Natalie had lunch with her school principal as part of the Lady Bug program(student of the month). Bug stands for Behavior, Uplifting attitude, and Grades. She is holding her certificate and a ladybug cookie too.
I forgot to mention that Natalie had a little boy from her class stop by our house(they ride the bus together so he knew where our house was). He handed her a picture he drew and they talked for a little. It was really cute. I wish I had a picture!
Today, we also had a speech evaluation for Brayden with the school district. He will be attending preschool in the next few weeks to help him with some of his consonant sounds. Especially focusing on the "k" sound. He is pretty excited to go to preschool, so that is good.

Jenalee thinks she is pretty big stuff. She can keep up with the big kids, but can also be a cute little toddler when she wants to be. Her vocabulary grows in leaps and bounds(which I must say is reassuring). Sometimes I think Brayden was speaking when it was really Jenalee.

She loves baby dolls right now and has to have one to sleep with at night..luckily it doesn't always have to be the same one! Natalie is really good about sharing them with her, that makes everything easier too!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Party

This past Saturday was a very busy one for us. It was our Wards Super Saturday, so I was at the church from 9:30 to around 4. Jeremy was suppose to take the kids to Hall-Zoo-ween, but only managed to take them out to lunch using their free coney coupons to skyline.

Then Jeremy wanted to go shooting with the guys, he thought I would be done by 2(that is when Super Saturday was suppose to end) and was upset when it went longer. He still went and didn't go to the Shuley's Halloween party with us.

We were a little late to the party, getting ready in our themed princesses and knight costumes, but it still ended up being a fun time! The kids hung out with their friends, and enjoyed fun games and food.
Natalie with her friend Hollie dressed up as Fancy Nancy.

Brayden and Leah with their friends Dawson and Eden

Brayden and Leah enjoying the yummy treats

Brad and his wife Sharon were lots of fun to hang out with and very helpful! Brad made balloon items for the kids.

And he held Leah for me so I could eat and get the other kids food too! Sharon was fun to hang out with and took our family photos. (sorry Sharon no pic of you)

Another prego shot. As you can see I am large and should lay off the Halloween candy....but it is so good!! My favorites at the moment are heath and take 5.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our New little bundle of come

We found out officially that I was pregnant on July 9, 2010. But I prepared Jeremy from the git go, because being my 4th pregnancy I noticed the signs and knew it pretty much since conception.

The great debate on names began. A boy name is pretty easy since we have had one picked out since we had Jenalee. But we started having issues when it came to girl names.

Luckily we found out last Tuesday that we are having a.....


Jeremy was so sure it was a girl, and I that it was a boy, that we made a little bet. I won a Chicago style stuff crust pizza from Papa Murphy's....mmmmm yummy! I was suppose to get dessert too....but I am still waiting on that!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Painting and Second Hall-Zoo-ween

We have been making the most of this October and cramming in lots of Halloween events so the kids won't feel gypped out of not actually trick-or-treating on Halloween(since it falls on Sunday this year).
We took time to paint the free pumpkins we got from the Frisch's pumpkin patch at the first hall-Zoo-ween. As you can see, Jenalee painted herself as well.
Brayden was doing great staying clean...until Jenalee helped him to too much brown paint!! Just when I thought it was safe to leave the room.
Natalie loved using every color and did a great job staying clean. The brown on her face is frosting from a cupcake.
For Hall-Zoo-ween last weekend the kids dressed up in themed costumes. Natalie was Snow White, Jenalee was Cinderella, and Brayden was a knight/prince. They had so much fun picking out their costumes and getting ready. Unfortunately Natalie did not let me brush her hair!
Natalie as Snow White posing before we go.
Our sweet Cinderella
Our brave and Noble Knight
The royal entourage before we go.
Brave Brayden fighting an evil foe.
Jenalee patiently waiting for him to defeat the evil foe.
We were able to get good parking at the Zoo, even though it took us almost an hour to get there(40 of which was on a few miles of freeway!). Traffic was atrocious!
Kids getting pumpkins
One sad thing was this week there was no icecream!! But the kids did still get cookies to enjoy. And silly bands that are always a hit!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Suprise

Last Tuesday the kids received a surprise in the mail. They were so excited to 1)just receive any mail and 2)have it be a package just for them.
We tried guessing what was our surprise it was a ghost!! That they all love and cuddle with. Thanks Grandma Bevans!!

Natalie has named it Goldie and loves to take it into the dark to see its eyes glow.

Brayden named it eyeball(he also thinks that will be a good name for the baby)

Jenalee would not pose with it(although she carries it around and calls it Boo) so I took a picture of it and my prego belly.
Not a flattering view as I am laying down, but I hope that appeases any requests to see me pregnant for awhile!