Friday, November 13, 2009

Here are my little Dears!

These are my little Dears...well Brayden is actually a moose. But still so cute!!

We have been having too much fun lately. So I will try and give quick updates with pictures.

Natalie is enjoying preschool. She was in the younger 4 year old class but her teacher said we should move her up to the older 4s class or the pre-K class. We decided older 4s and she loves her new teacher and classmates. Especially the boys(go figure). The first time a met one of the mothers she asked me if I was Natalies mom and when I confirmed this she told me about how her son loves Natalie and how Natalie adores Henry(another boy). She is quite the networker and loves talking to everyone.

Brayden is such a great litle guy. I need to get a video of him sing "macho man." Too cute! He adores both his sisters and loves his car bed! He has pooped in the potty and we are hoping to get him trained by Christmas(fingers crossed!).

Jenalee is a little doll. I feel sorry for all the family, because you are missing out on seeing her grow and her personality is so much fun! She has 4 teeth on top and is working on number 3 and 4 of her bottom teeth. She loves Daddy and loves to crawl to him when he comes home. She has been pulling up on things forever and standing, but we are still waiting for those first unassisted steps!

We have finally filled in the void in our front yard and landscaped. Here is a picture of the kids in their new rain gear in front of our soon to be planted front yard. It is finished now and looks great! Jeremy did a great job!

The Kids at Hall-ZOO-ween(with friend). We went twice. Jeremy took Natalie and Brayden the next week when I was doing Super Saturday(lots of work turned out great!). Then I went with my friend Emily, her son Carter and Jenalee.

Hope this has got you wanting more. Hopefully that will happen sooner then later. Only time will tell. We love and miss you all!