Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ward Party and Trunk or Treat

On October 30th we had a ward party at the church where we had yummy food, lots of fun, and ended with a trunk-or-treat.

The kids dressed up as pioneers. They looked so cute! Thanks Mom for making Jenalee's costume for us! Also, thanks Mom McRoberts for making Natalie's last year! Combined with Braydens gymboree costume they all looked great.

The kids loved playing the fun games that were set up. Natalie even did well enough in a few games to win a prize.

In throw the hula hoop around the pumpkin Natalie was a natural, making it around all 3 pumpkins.

Brayden was a star in pumpkin bowling.

Natalie got three in a row at the toss game.

We ate chili with corn bread, crackers, and cheese. Plus we had an array of desserts to munch on. Everything was delicious. Here are a few pics of friends enjoying their food.

The Hartungs

Hollie walking around

The Parkinsons. Their daughters are dressed as Annie and Sandy.

Sister Area with the Mullins. They are Zombies(Ashlee is martha stewart zombie) and a cowboy.

After the food the kids played a few more games and then enjoyed a story before heading out to trunk or treat.

They had tons of fun and got way too much candy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween package

We received another halloween package from Grandma Bevans that was filled with clothes and goodies for the kids. Thanks mom!

Thanks Mom!