Wednesday, December 12, 2007

UPDATES!!! Hurray!

Okay, so I have had a few people comment on my lack of a blog. Sorry to keep you in suspence. I hope this first entry lives up to the dreams of so many.....

During the month of October we enjoyed many trips to the Cincinnati Zoo's Hallzooween. To the left is a picture of Brayden in his Racer outfit.

As many might know, we are a one car family. Usually I would drive Jeremy into work and then take the kids to the zoo. But we have been blessed with the Erwins moving into our ward. Heather has a huge car that can fit 9, and I have a pass to the zoo that can get us all in. Needless to say we have made many trips to the zoo.

We also had the opportunity of watching Ellie Egnew for a few days while her Mommy and Daddy were at the Hospital with her new baby sister Madeline. The Egnews are the greatest! We love having game nights with them and Liz is very instrumental in helping me keep our "midweek" or playgroup going.

I actually should be getting to bed since we are having our Midweek Christmas Party here tomorrow! Hopefully I will get caught up with our activities in November and such. I should be getting christmas letters out...but lets not get too excited about this burst of activity! I'll end this entry with more cute pictures of the kids during October.

Natalie(green wings) eating icecream at Hall-Zoo-ween with her Freinds John and Alexis Erwin(Pirate and Mermaid) and Ellie Egnew.

Natalie eating her icecream.

Caleb is another of Natalie's friends. I thought this picture was too cute! His mom Kauti(great friend!)still lets him have his pacifier and he just happened to get two in!!

Brayden in his Daniel Boone outfit riding his pony! He is ready to go carve pumkins at our friends Chris and Jessica Wells Halloween party.

Natalie in her Cowgirl outfit ready for the party. Both outfits are actually from Gymboree(I am an addict!) but I thought they worked great as easy costumes!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Introducing the McRoberts

Well, I am on facebook and have another website with messenger. but this seems to be the place! We will be keeping updates of our family happenings, and hope that it helps let our friends and family keep in touch. Hope you enjoy!