Friday, November 13, 2009

Here are my little Dears!

These are my little Dears...well Brayden is actually a moose. But still so cute!!

We have been having too much fun lately. So I will try and give quick updates with pictures.

Natalie is enjoying preschool. She was in the younger 4 year old class but her teacher said we should move her up to the older 4s class or the pre-K class. We decided older 4s and she loves her new teacher and classmates. Especially the boys(go figure). The first time a met one of the mothers she asked me if I was Natalies mom and when I confirmed this she told me about how her son loves Natalie and how Natalie adores Henry(another boy). She is quite the networker and loves talking to everyone.

Brayden is such a great litle guy. I need to get a video of him sing "macho man." Too cute! He adores both his sisters and loves his car bed! He has pooped in the potty and we are hoping to get him trained by Christmas(fingers crossed!).

Jenalee is a little doll. I feel sorry for all the family, because you are missing out on seeing her grow and her personality is so much fun! She has 4 teeth on top and is working on number 3 and 4 of her bottom teeth. She loves Daddy and loves to crawl to him when he comes home. She has been pulling up on things forever and standing, but we are still waiting for those first unassisted steps!

We have finally filled in the void in our front yard and landscaped. Here is a picture of the kids in their new rain gear in front of our soon to be planted front yard. It is finished now and looks great! Jeremy did a great job!

The Kids at Hall-ZOO-ween(with friend). We went twice. Jeremy took Natalie and Brayden the next week when I was doing Super Saturday(lots of work turned out great!). Then I went with my friend Emily, her son Carter and Jenalee.

Hope this has got you wanting more. Hopefully that will happen sooner then later. Only time will tell. We love and miss you all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry for further delays..but I have been using Jeremy's camera lately only to find that his card does not work in our computer. And the card reader for it is missing!!

We have been busy since our last blog! Above the kids are displaying the stuff Grandma Bevans sent them for the 4th of July. That blog should come when I can download from the other camera.

We now have two set play dates weekly. Not to mention going to the free weekly movie! I have pictured our play date at a park.

Our good friends the Egnews have already moved to Baltimore. We had a few weeks notice and were able to squeeze in a few game nights, night out with the girls to say goodbye to Liz, sleepovers for Natalie and Ellie, and taking them out to dinner.

We had dinner at TGI Fridays and then a few of us headed over to Cold Stones.
While Jeremy helped Calvin out around the house the kids played

It turned into another Sleepover for Natalie and Ellie. The first one was at our house with Alice and Alexis too(pix on other camera).
Last time we saw them was Thursday night at CiCi's(we are such big spenders!).

No pix of me because dang...I definately need to lose weight!
Brayden saying goodbye to Madi

We miss them but hope this opportunity pans out for them! Also, congrats on a baby boy to be Liz!!

Jenalee is growing so much!! She is such a good eater. She eats anything and everything I give her. Also, she is on the verge of crawling. Technically she already is...but not the traditional knee hand movement. Here is a video I took last week. She can get to anything she wants to that is on the floor!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The end of my hiatus!

So it has been awhile since I last blogged. SORRY! I am back and repentant of my past I hope to blog weekly(with some daily postings!).

Here is a quick update since my last post:

Brayden turned 2 and Jeremy finally got to cut his hair! I came home from Bunco and it was done!

Natalie turned 4 and had a fun party. The next day we left on our trip!

We saw church history sights and Mount Rushmore + on our trip to UT with Grandma McRoberts(thanks for coming with us, and driving all night!).

We had a family reunion with the McRoberts' side of the Family and the kids loved playing with their cousins

We went to a water park and Leah had a blast!

We spent a week in southern UT with part of my side of the family. Kids had fun with cousins and hiking!

Rested a week at Great Grandpa and Grandma Powell's house. Then hurried home stopping in independence and seeing Liberty Jail.

Celebrated my birthday and then Jeremy's 13 days later. We are the same age...but for some reason he finds it hilarious pointing out that I am a year older than him during the gap.

Have had plenty of fun play dates and hanging out with friends.

At Taste of Cincinnati

At the Museum Center

Jenalee is sitting up, rolling around and getting up on knees, starting to eat solid foods, and just being the most adorable 6 month old ever!!(well top three anyways)

So I hope you all feel caught up with our past happenings. Hopefully I will have another update soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jeremy's New Obsession

When Jeremy and I started dating he never really expressed interest in guns, hunting, or even shooting at targets. When we visited OR we have gone shooting once or twice but it was just fun for that one time. Never discussed again.
I should have seen the warning signs to this transition when he asked for hunting apparel for christmas. Which he got but never wore.
He has recently gotten hooked on everything to do with guns, especially going to the local shooting range. Which is literally right down the street from us(we do live in KY!). His Uncle Theron is really into guns and hunting, and my Father has always gone hunting and taken us up in the "hills" for us to shoot at targets. They have become his resources for information on this topic.

He is so hooked he is going shooting today with his friends Nate. Which might I add that he is leaving on Monday and could spend the time with his family!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Man

When Jeremy was unpacking Brayden had fun trying on his hard hat. Not Jeremy's normal apparel...but since he is walking through the plants, there is a need for safety!

He was having so much fun!! Such a cutie!!

Here is Brayden the pianist:

More with dad

I don't know why the posts are showing the wrong date! But This post is being done on March 9, 2009.

We had a game night with the Egnews and Natalie and Ellie had fun playing dress up.

The fun continues as my little fashionista continues to have fun dressing herself!!

Jeremy had fun playing with the kids outside in the good weather we have been having. More pixs will come of that when we download from Jeremy's camera.

Daddys home

Jeremy was gone in Florida for a week and a half. Needless to say, it was a long time for the kids to be without their Daddy. Here are some events that happened while he was gone.

Brayden had time to get into my make-up

We did have some fun renting movies(by the way redbox during march is doing a free movie night each wednesday. Get code at, shopping, museum trips, and hanging with friends.
Girls movie night

Play time at mall(on changing area)

Not to mention cleaning!! We mopped all the floors. I hated every minute of it. But it looked great for about a day until the kids spilled food again!!

The girls enjoyed getting into some new outfits(thanks G-ma McRoberts and Aunt Genel!!). Natalies bruise is from tripping into a metal bleacher at my volleyball game. Daddy was there and was suppose to be watching her!!

Last monday the baby had her two month shots!! And a new oral immunization that supposedly helps with less throw up. Not bad if it really works right!