Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're Growing!

Christmas came a couple days early this year. We are very fortuante to have welcomed

Jenalee Anne McRoberts

into our family eariler this afternoon. Jenalee was born at 12:52, weighed 7 oz, and was 20.25 inches in length. Kari did an amazing job. I marvel at the things a woman goes through just to bring a child into this world. I am grateful for my wife and her sacrifice.

Jenalee was born at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. That makes one Utah, one Kentucky, and one Ohio baby. We are running out of options in this area. We may have to start looking into available hospitals in Indiana.

Again, Kari's labor was shorter than expected. Since Brayden was born at home, after a short 15-25 minutes of labor, we decided to induce with Jenalee. A resident MD broke Kari's water around 12:30, and less than 25 minutes later Jenalee was here. Once again, the doctor missed the delivery; in fact, the resident doctor also missed the delivery. Jenalee was delivered (more like "caught") by a surprised team of RN's. Nevertheless, both Kari and Jenalee are very healthy and are doing great. Dad, however, is convinced that we will never wait for a natural, non-induced, delivery again. Had Kari's water broke at home, the 25 minutes would have expired just short of the hospital.

Here are a couple of pictures we took today. You may notice some similiarities in the pictures below. It is amazing how much all three of our kids look allike. One exception: Jenalee has hair. In fact, she probably has more hair now, than Brayden did at one year.

You can see additional pictures of Jenalee on the McRoberts Family webiste. This link should take you directly to Jenalee's Photo Gallery: Jenalee Anne

Natalie got her "baby doll" for christmas. She adores Jenalee. We took her to a sibling class a few weeks ago, and now tells us that we don't have to worry because she is going to take care of her sister. She plans to change the diapers, wants Jenalee to sleep in her room, and will help pick out her bows and make sure she gets dressed. In fact, as soon as I arrived with the kids at the hospital, Natalie began picking out different bows to put on her sister. She really had fun when the RN invited her to help take Jenalee to the nursery to be weighed.

I am very glad that Natalie is so excited for her sister. She didn't feel the same when Brayden arrived. She had a very tough time leaving the hospital tonight.

As I was looking at the pictures of Jenalee tonight, I was amazed at how similiar she looks to both Brayden and Natalie. I've posted a few of their baby picture for your reference. The first two are Brayden, born March 20, 2007. The following two are Natalie, born April 18, 2005.

What really struck me about this next picture is how much Natalie has grown. This picture was taken just under two years ago! They grow up so fast!

Natalie use to be my baby girl.

We owe a special thanks to all our friends in this area. We couldn't do it without you. With family so far away, we are very blessed to have good friends that are willing to step in and help out. We love really appreciate all you do!

We love you all, and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let it Snow!

On Saturday, we went to Christ Hospital for a tour of the maternity ward and a sibling class for Natalie. Unfortunately, it was the same day that we had our first actual snow fall that stuck. It took us an hour(normal 25 min) to drop Brayden off at a the Nelson's and then get to the hospital!! And on the way we passed a few accidents too!!

It was definitely worth the trip because Natalie loved her class! She learned how to help take care of the baby and received a cute Big Sister shirt. Jeremy even had some hands on experience while helping Natalie swaddle a baby.

After we came home, Natalie told me that she would take care of Brayden since she learned how too. I explained that she learned how to help take care of the baby and not Brayden. She replied "okay Mommy, I'll take care of the baby and you can take care of Brayden." I love the way her little mind works!

Another example of Natalie's deep thinking: she told me that she was "reusing" the milk carton ring as a collar for her Okapi. She even used some sticky tac that she had in her room to secure it. I think the future will be taken care of; Especially if other kids react the same way to cartoons that talk about recycling!!

Last night for FHE we took our friends the Pews to the Zoo for the Festival of Lights. We also met a few other families there. It was a lot of fun. They had Mrs. Clause reading stories and taking pictures, cute baby animals, beautiful lights, a large nativity, some reindeer, and Santa listening to christmas wishes and giving candy canes. The weather was just right, and the night as a whole was a perfect way to spend time with friends during the holidays.

The Pews are hiding in the back of the group!

Kids with Mrs. Clause

Natalie with Santa. Thankfully still asking for her trampoline and scooter(which have been taken care of by her Grandparents).

Brayden didn't ask for anything, but he loved the candy cane Santa gave him!

Kids in a sleigh

Kylie, Aubrey, and Natalie

The girls had fun playing together

They also enjoyed the Carousel

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Season is HERE!!

We had our first snow flurry Noveber 15th. The weather has been cold, but we have had no real snow fall yet. I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!
I already attended our Holiday Bunco party, and tonight was my Book Club Holiday Book Exchange. Both scheduled while Jeremy was in CA. Luckily my friend Jennifer's Husband willingly watch Natalie and Brayden on Saturday so I could go to Bunco, and my friend Heather watched them tonight!!
That brings me to what I am thankful for this Holiday season: Friends!!
With living far from family, I am very thankful that we have such great friends that are willing to help us out when needed. Especially since we are close to adding a new addition to the family...it is nice to know that we have friends that will let us call on a seconds notice to drop off the kids before we head to the Hospital!
Special thanks to Nate Nelson who came at 7am the day after Thanksgiving to get my car to start so I could have a working car to shop that day(I accidentally left the car light on all night and most of Thanksgiving Day!!
I'm also thankful that Jeremy will be back tomorrow night...and that the baby has waited for Daddy. How scary would that be to have gone into labor without having him here!!
Well, hopefully I will get things done before the baby gets here, but if you do not receive a Holiday card from us until after the Holidays(or ever) just remember that we love you all and hope you all have a wonderful fun filled Holiday season!! And enjoy plenty of ham!!