Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Baptism, Hall-Zoo-ween, and a Halloween Party

Last Friday Jeremy had the privilege of not only giving a short talk at Amy's Baptism, but also baptising Amy. Amy has been an investigator for awhile and we have been able to become friends with her and her family. Jeremy should really be blogging this. He was so excited about it, I am not doing it justice.

Last weekend we went to the Zoo for Hall-Zoo-ween at the Cincinnati Zoo. We took our friends Emily and her son Carter. Carter and Brayden matched in their Nascar pit crew costumes, and looked so adorable!! Natalie was dressed as Tinkerbell and brought her stuffed animal "Penguie" with her(Grandma McRoberts gave this to her when we visited last November and she has recently been really attached to it). The kids had fun trick-or-treating at the different booths and riding on the Scarousel and Train. Brayden had fun picking out his own cute!!

On Monday we held a Halloween FHE. We invited a bunch of our friends over and grilled some delicious Shish Kababs. Our friends brought the sides and desserts. Dinner was delicious! By the time we were done eating a few of the families had to go and missed the pumkin carving fun! But here are some pixs of the FHE activity of carving pumkins. We had a lot of spectators but the ones who carved were Jeremy and our friends Calvin and Jason. Of course Natalie and Ellie stood by helping too!

Jason, Emily, and Carter Hamilton

Jason carved a scene with bats and the moon

Natalie chose the flaming skull

Calvin carved a witch

They looked so good all lit up!

This was a really fun night!! I hope everyone is enjoying this Halloween time! I know I am!! Especially dressing up my kids in costumes!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Since we've been home!

We've been back home in Kentucky since early September. We have slowly gotten back into the groove of homelife. We have play group weekly and have recently added a dance class for Natalie every thursday nights. Not to mention that we finally renewed our Zoo pass last week so we can go to Hall-Zoo-ween( and tour the Zoo weekly too)!

We did have a heavy windstorm that took out our power for the day on September 14th. We were blessed that it only was out till Sunday night. Others in our area, mainly in OH, were without power for at least 5 days(some even longer). The missionaries came over the next day to help Jeremy clean up the part of the tree that the storm knocked down.
Our friends invited us to Kings Island, the local theme park, and we had a fun day with them. I think the Kids had fun too... Some big events have happened in the Kids lives! Brayden turned 18 months in September and had his first official day of Nursery! And has been in there since with no problems! Not to mention he can pull off a cool Faux-hawk. Natalie not only started a fun new dance class but she had her first professional haircut at Sableux(the Salon I go to). I missed the cuttest picture of her walking from getting her hair shampooed with a towel around her head and her hairdresser holding the robe up so she wouldn't trip on it!! Next time I'll schedule mine after so I can get all the cute shots. Not to mention that I broke down and finally let her paint her nails!
Playgroups since we got back have been tons of fun. We went to Jump Zone and have had tons of fun playing at a variety of parks(due to the good weather), not to mention walking over the Purple People Bridge to get to one. Natalie started Dance class on Septeber 25th. We have slowly gotten all the gear she needs as you can see since her first picture she is in regular clothes! I think she is just adorable in her little dance outfit! Her teacher is Ms. Kim and she teaches them in Ballet, tap, and some tumbling. Natalie is loving it like crazy. Whenever she has the chance she is dancing around...even in Class!

This past weekend we went to the first Hall-ZOO-ween of the month and our Ward Harvest Party. For the Zoo the Kids dressed up as Pirates. We went with our friends the Erwins. At the party later that night, the kids dressed up as a Cowboy and Cowgirl. Jeremy added a twist by having the whole family wear "redneck teeth." They looked so cute! They ended the night in their glow in the dark skeleton gymmies(pj's for you non-Gymboree freeks!).

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jeremy was in OR too!

Okay, so apparently my brief update upset my husband and my sister. Jeremy thought I overlooked him when doing the blog and I want to set the record straight that he did come out for the last week of our vacation in OR. My sister Lisa felt I left out the family we visited...which is true, but only because the photos with them were not loading!
Here are photos from our Labor Day Camping trip at the Honeyman campgrounds on the Oregon Coast. It has been a tradition for my family to camp here twice a year for 36 years. Luckily this time all of the siblings were able to make it! The only two missing are my brother Jeffs wife Estella and their new baby Elijah.
The Bevans Siblings: in order of age starting with Kim as the youngest(living) to Lisa the oldest! Our present family pictures

All the Cousins(except Elijah)

The guys played games all weekend

Fun on the coast!

So this is a continuation of pictures from our Oregon Vacation! Maybe I will get to what we have been up to these last few months once this has been done!

I had to add that today on our way home from Dance Class, Natalie asked when we were going camping in Oregon again. I think she had fun!! What do you think?