Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Basically I think this is a blogger game that my friend Christina incorporated me in by "tagging me." I hope this is an interesting read! Thanks Christina!! Also congratulations...the baby is close to coming!

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning

B. Each player answers the questions about themselves

C. At the end of the post, the player tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they are tagged.

10 years ago I was: In my Senior year of High School counting down the days till I graduated! And getting ready to leave the nest to attend Brigham Young University! Man has it really been that long ago!

5 things on my to do list today:

1) Make Apple Pies(Yummy)

2) Host Midweek(playgroup)

3) Make sure Natalie potties(Yes, she is "potty trained" her words, I think she pretty much is since she has only peed once this past week and that was over night in her pull up!)

4) Blog: Check that off, I'm doing it right now!

5) Clean up after Midweek! We had a good turn out and lots of kids means lots of mess=me cleaning up!

Things I would do if I became a billionaire: Seriously that is a ton of money..what to do?...hmmm. Well depending on how the money was obtained, I would give 10% to tithing or put 10% of it towards other funds such as fast offering, missionary, temples etc. Then I would Sell my home and buy a beautiful mansion with a skyline view of Cincinnati! Then I would buy a plane and hire a pilot(Mike, I would totally hire you!) so I could take the kids anytime and visit their grandparents and other family. Not to mention being able to take vacations or fly family here to see us. I of course would invest it so I could maintain my billionaire status. Maybe buy a Gymboree franchise or two! I would let my husband retire so he can work with his hands making things like he loves to do in his free time. Our siblings would be helped out in different ways according to circumstance: Such as Genel getting a live in Nanny or two to help her with her triplets coming; we would buy houses for those without, help those without jobs with employment, and give generous amounts for them to invest or use as they see fit. Our fathers could finally retire, we would set them up how they would want! My mother-in-law could finally quit work and be able to visit her grandchildren whenever she wanted. And I would have my 8 children I want! Jeremy could not complain since we would have the financial means to take care of them!

3 of my bad habits:

1) Watching movies or TV till the cows come home!

2) Surfing the internet...doing nothing productive

3) Procrastination: seriously I'll have to do something about that...maybe tomorrow...

5 places I've lived:

1) Oregon (till 18)

2) Utah (for college)

3) New York & Puerto Rico (1 summer for work)

4) California(1 summer for work)

5) Kentucky (we say cincinnati but I must face reality!)

5 jobs I've had:

1) Carl's Jr.

2) Stevensons Geneology Center

3) Pinkerton Security Grave Yard Shift at Symantec

4) Joe Vera's Hostess/Waitress

5) Office Manager for Alarmtek

Something most people don't know about me: Seriously there are too many things to choose from...let me think...hmmm...okay this I can share without being judged too much: I day dream/dream about saving the world or being some sort of heroin that always makes things right, saves the day, while finding some sort of love interest! LOL, sounds really cheesy now that I've written it down. Don't worry, I'm not crazy, the guy usually always resembles Jeremy...honest...alrighty judge me if you must!! I will not give up my dreams!! Some day I will write them down, sell books and become a billionaire. Please refer to the question above about what I would do then!!

I tag Lisa, April, Holly, and Shawna.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentines Day

I just had to share this video of Natalie playing with her valentine present!!
By the way, Happy belated Valentines Day!

The Diaper Cake

So, I have always wanted to make a diaper cake. Today, after a little research and calls to my friend Heather, who is amazing at crafty things, Natalie and I made one.

Of course I took pictures and decided to share our beautiful creation with anyone interested. I was intending to add more stuff on it, such as a taggie blanket, a crinkler, baby lotion, onesies, socks, pacifier holder, tag block, tag ball, and burp cloths...but in the end I thought simple looked much nicer!

We will put the other things in a seperate gift and this can be the centerpiece at Jills Babyshower today!

I used a pack of size 1 diapers(44). Instead of rolling them I overlapped and wound them around a papertowel roll with string. In the middle I put desitin!

Once the cake was structured I wrapped it in tissue paper and decorated it with ribbon. I also made the round cardboard piece it was on prettier with pink paper.

Remembering stamps my mother gave me last christmas I pulled them out and stamped "princess" and "pretty in pink" around the bottom ribbon.

I added bows to cover the tap used and to add a little flare!

Natalie is my little helper! I pushed down the tissue into the roll with the desitin and now I am just waiting for when Heather comes to get me to put the Flower headband on the top! I will update tonight with a picture of the finished product!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alexis' Birthday Party!! Woo hoo she's two!

Alexis blowing out candles

Heather Mike and Alexis

On wednesday for midweek we went over to the Erwin's house to celebrate Alexis' birthday. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. It has caused me to reflect on Birthdays.

Considering as of late we have had a plethera of parties, I'm beginning to think we have too many friends with kids!! Just Kidding! We have had tons of fun going to John's, Spencer's, and Carter's parties! I am starting to feel the pressure to perform up to par as we approach Brayden's first birthday! Hopefully I can pull something off!

And just in case anyone cares; I am caught up in calling my family members on their birthdays and having natalie and I sing happy birthday to them!! Sorry for being late Mark, Kelly, and Isabella!

Enjoy the video and pictures of Alexis' party and some of the others!

Natalie, Ellie, and Alexis having fun.

John's Party at Chuck E Cheese in November

John eating cake

Natalie playing on one of the rides(they were given a cup of tokens to enjoy all the fun rides and games there).

Okay so Aunt Melanie was visiting at the time. But I didn't like any of the pictures of her and Brayden because she was using him to cover here is another cute picture of Natalie!

Spencer's Party was in January at Todder Otterville but I forgot to bring my camera so I need to get pix's from Heather!

Carter's Birthday Party: Emily and Carter with his cake

Amber, Heather, and the kids!

Jackie, Kauti, and Erika with their little ones!

Natalie and Ellie enjoying their baseball cupcakes

Carter opening his gifts with all the eager kids waiting to attack whatever he opens!!