Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry for further delays..but I have been using Jeremy's camera lately only to find that his card does not work in our computer. And the card reader for it is missing!!

We have been busy since our last blog! Above the kids are displaying the stuff Grandma Bevans sent them for the 4th of July. That blog should come when I can download from the other camera.

We now have two set play dates weekly. Not to mention going to the free weekly movie! I have pictured our play date at a park.

Our good friends the Egnews have already moved to Baltimore. We had a few weeks notice and were able to squeeze in a few game nights, night out with the girls to say goodbye to Liz, sleepovers for Natalie and Ellie, and taking them out to dinner.

We had dinner at TGI Fridays and then a few of us headed over to Cold Stones.
While Jeremy helped Calvin out around the house the kids played

It turned into another Sleepover for Natalie and Ellie. The first one was at our house with Alice and Alexis too(pix on other camera).
Last time we saw them was Thursday night at CiCi's(we are such big spenders!).

No pix of me because dang...I definately need to lose weight!
Brayden saying goodbye to Madi

We miss them but hope this opportunity pans out for them! Also, congrats on a baby boy to be Liz!!

Jenalee is growing so much!! She is such a good eater. She eats anything and everything I give her. Also, she is on the verge of crawling. Technically she already is...but not the traditional knee hand movement. Here is a video I took last week. She can get to anything she wants to that is on the floor!