Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jump Zone Fun

Last wednesday we went to the Jump Zone for midweek. Lets just say it was a ton of fun for the kids...and the adults(especially me!!). I think we are going to have to go there again!

All the kids climbing up the

Brayden coming through

Alexis Sliding

Natalie and Alexis climbing

Natalie playing

Brayden not sure he likes it!

Kauti helping Caleb climb

John sliding

Heather with Ashton

Natalie riding on a dinosaur

Spencer climbing

Liz climbing

Girls enjoying snacks while resting

Natalie and Ellie enjoying the toddler car instead of playing in the bouce area

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beautiful day at the Cincinnati Zoo

Monday was a random warm and beautiful day. My friend Heather had the foresight to set up a Zoo trip. Since this is the last month I have my pass(Heather drives and I have the pass that gets her and her kids in free) we wanted to make the most of it! So we talked Liz into coming and had a great time of it!

Here are a few pictures. We went to the manati house first. Then to the rest of the Zoo. It was so much fun, I think I'm going to have to talk Jeremy into renewing the pass...but that can wait till he gets settled into his new job!
Natalie and Ellie are visited by a turtle

Brayden Checking things out in the tank

Heather, John, and Ashton infront of the elephants.

Ashtons first trip to the Zoo
Liz with Madeline and Alexis. This could be Maddie's first trip to the Zoo too...I'll have to check!
Brayden and the elephants
A peacock blocked our way into the Reptile House.

So we took some photos!

Can a Turtle and a Gator be friends?

Brayden loving the asian alligators

The juvenile gorilla playing

Natalie and Ellie loving it!