Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Time

Cute kids!!

We had a Thanksgiving party midweek at our house a few weeks ago. I made the turkey and everyone else brought the sides and desserts. This was my first time ever making a turkey, and I think it turned out really good!

The kids enjoyed playing in the fall leaves when we were saying goodbye to our guests.

So, Jeremy is in California with his family and left me here with 4 weeks to go in my pregnancy and two rambunctious children. Needless to say, this has been fun since we have the car...but also a little tiring for me since I have no help with the kids.

Natalie in her holiday dress

Brayden in his outfit
Random insight: I was able to see twilight the night before Jeremy left. It was decent, but definitely a let down. Like most fans, that won't stop me from watching the next one! Enjoy this movie of Brayden saying I love you!!

Well, the Kids and I are going with our friends to their family thanksgiving tomorrow and then the Holiday season really begins! Lets hope I don't have this baby before Jeremy gets home!!

Natalie and Brayden in their cute outfits...not such cute pix

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Halloween

We had lovely weather in October and had a perfect Halloween! We also enjoyed the third and final Hall-Zoo-ween!

Kids enjoying the free icecream

One of the booths was promoting the new release of Sleeping beauty with free masks. So Natalie posed as Sleeping beauty with her friend Snow White.

We also enjoyed a Halloween package from Grandma and Grandpa Bevans. My mom put together the perfect Halloween treats for my kids! Natalie loves her Hello Kitty plush bag and little plush toy, and Brayden enjoyed his Dinosaur and Book(which are his new obsessions!). Not to mention the candy!

Kroger had a trick-or-treat event at our local store. The kids dressed up as farm animals and we went to enjoy a fun shopping trip. We used similar costumes(we have monkey and leopard too) at the Halloween party we had at playgroup but I forgot my camera!!

We trick-or-treated around with our friend Heather and her kids. Jeremy moved quicker with Natalie and John so they went ahead of us and also moved on to the Egnews house further on in the neighborhood.
Natalie as Tinkerbell and Brayden as a Pirate.
Jeremy with Natalie and John(Power Ranger)

Brayden Trick or treating
Alexis(princess) and Ashton(Nascar pit crew)
Brayden's and my traditional shot
Brayden with John all done and starting to enjoy

The kids had tons of fun and got a lot of candy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cincinnati Museum Center

We had a fun day at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Our Friends have passes and we were able to enjoy the children's museum for free! In December they have a few days were they hold a discount of buy 1 get two half off...I have already told Jeremy that we are doing this even if he has to leave me at the hospital to go with our friends and get it!!

We started at the visiting Clifford area. Apparently it travels around the country to different museums. The kids are big fans of Clifford and loved playing in all the different activity areas they had.

Brayden playing with T-bone at a sand table

Natalie possing with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth

Carter driving with Brayden in a town truck.(You can see Emily's Mom in the background)

Natalie eating at Samuel's Fish and Chips where Charlie and his Father served some healthy oranges to her!

Brayden mailing a letter to Cleo.

Natalie rolling bones on a conveyor belt into Clifford's bowl

The regular part of the childrens museum is set up in many different areas of fun. Seriously, this place is amazing! The kids loved every area and we could definitely go weekly without it getting boring.

Natalie playing at the sand table with Brayden and Tillie around her.

Natalie sliding with Carter

Natalie playing at the water table

Brayden at the table(he had to use a stool).

There is an area called the "Woods" that is for older children that we played on. Natalie was pretty fearless moving along the net tunnels and other areas. Brayden was a little more reserved about it and refused to move throught the tunnels.