Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter is here!!! (Plus Diaper Savings)

On December 1st we had our first snow flurry that stuck. We have had such weird weather lately that it has surprised me just how fast it can get really cold!!

Also, since Jenalee has showed tons of interest over the past few months in potty training(mainly pooping on the potty) I decided that we are officially potty training starting today. She did really well getting her poop in the if I could just get her to care about peeing in it!!

FYI to anyone interested. If you join Amazon mom and do the subscribe and save you get 30% off diapers and wipes. Also, in most baby magazines their is a 20% off amazon diapers coupon, and this works for training pants too!! The two deals stack!!

This has been a real inexpensive way for me to stock up on diapers at around 8.5 cents a diaper(pampers, huggies size 1/2), and I just got Leah some easy ups for around 14 cents a piece(make sure to use pampers coupon given on the page when ordering for another $1 off). Plus free amazon prime for 3 months(not that I use it, but maybe it will be great for you).

Also, I just got Huggies wipes for around 1.7 cents a wipe(3 refill packs of 216 count each in one pack for $10.15 ). I bought 3 so I would get another month of amazon prime free. Apparantly I should have told Jeremy about it sooner. ;p

I love this, just make sure to cancel your subscription after you receive the item. I put in 2 months frequency to give me ample time to cancel. Hope this helps someone out!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Primary Program and Thanksgiving

November 14th was our Primary Program. Natalie had a speaking part, and participated in a group song. Brayden and Jenalee went up to sing one song( I love when they have nursery participate). Since it was so close to Thanksgivign we broke out their Holiday dresses and did their hair up in curlers.
Jenalee didn't have one curler in her hair in the morning! But Natalies stayed in and I think worked out great.

She looks so cute!!
This is actually Jenalee on Thanksgiving weekend, I changed their hair pieces from maroon to black. She is too cute too!!
My handsome man is dressed to match and decided this was the pose to strike.

We did Thanksgiving with the Parkinsons. We split up the dishes and planned to eat at 2pm.
Unfortunately there was a power outage in their neighborhood. So we had a fun time trying to cook/fit everything into my stove. It took us a little longer to get done but we at around 4pm and the food was delicious! Especially desert!

Sad we only have a few pictures. Here is Faith and I waiting to eat. We're pregnant...give us a break!!

Here are the kids. Natalie and Alice had matching clothes on. They had so much fun fooling the parents with who was who.
This week Jermy has been away to Florida. He left on Monday. While he was packing Jenalee was following him around, especially lingering in the bathroom.

Jenalee is by far the biggest mess maker I have had. It doesn't matter how many times you tell her no or move her...she will still get into whatever has caught her interest if you give her any privacy. Jeremy literally was away from the bathroom less than a minute and this is what he found.

Vaseline was all over her face and hair. We had to get jeremy to the airport, so I did a quick clean up of her to take him. It took shampooing twice and then combing in dish soap and rinsing to get it out of her hair. What a mess!!

Last bit of costume fun

I went shopping after Halloween and found a few costumes worth buying. So the kiddos had a fun night playing in some of them.

We have already seen brayden as a knight, but I didn't buy him a new costume so he put this on.
Jenalee is actually wearing a dragon costume I got for our new baby boy to be next year. The kids are attacking her!

Natalie is wearing her new pirate outfit and holding her sword. Just guess the total cost...would you believe 85 cents!! Best deal ever.

This was just a cute picture of Jenalee I decided to post.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ward Party and Trunk or Treat

On October 30th we had a ward party at the church where we had yummy food, lots of fun, and ended with a trunk-or-treat.

The kids dressed up as pioneers. They looked so cute! Thanks Mom for making Jenalee's costume for us! Also, thanks Mom McRoberts for making Natalie's last year! Combined with Braydens gymboree costume they all looked great.

The kids loved playing the fun games that were set up. Natalie even did well enough in a few games to win a prize.

In throw the hula hoop around the pumpkin Natalie was a natural, making it around all 3 pumpkins.

Brayden was a star in pumpkin bowling.

Natalie got three in a row at the toss game.

We ate chili with corn bread, crackers, and cheese. Plus we had an array of desserts to munch on. Everything was delicious. Here are a few pics of friends enjoying their food.

The Hartungs

Hollie walking around

The Parkinsons. Their daughters are dressed as Annie and Sandy.

Sister Area with the Mullins. They are Zombies(Ashlee is martha stewart zombie) and a cowboy.

After the food the kids played a few more games and then enjoyed a story before heading out to trunk or treat.

They had tons of fun and got way too much candy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween package

We received another halloween package from Grandma Bevans that was filled with clothes and goodies for the kids. Thanks mom!

Thanks Mom!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Play group Halloween party

On October 27th, we had a Halloween party at our house for playgroup. It was a combined party with both of my play groups, so it was a fun and lively event!

Leah with Boo in matching outfits

We had the kids dressing up in costumes as optional(most did), we painted pumpkins (byop-bring your own pumpkin), feasted on a yummy potluck lunch, went on a trick-or-treat hunt, and then ended with frosting pumpkin cupcakes for dessert.

I bought washable paint this time!
Jenalee enjoying her cupcake

Yummy potluck lunch. Teah made the prize winning Jack-o-lantern pizza

Janae made the prize winning Witches hats calazones.
Faith made the prize winning Mummy dogs. They all won prizes for most festive food.
I took pictures of most families that came. Tania and her two mushrooms(daughters dressed as mushrooms and sons where mario and luigi for halloween) had to leave before I started taking the pics.
Sharon with daughter hollie and Janae with son Zak
Me and my crazy kids
Anna with Miles and Ashlee with Gavin below. Ashley won most festively dressed!
Alanna with daughter Kiera

Faith and Myra
Emily with Carter, Alexis and Brynn. We'll miss you when you move to Florida!!

Teah with her boys Dillan and drew. Congrats on your new baby girl!

What a fun day!!