Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jeremy's New Obsession

When Jeremy and I started dating he never really expressed interest in guns, hunting, or even shooting at targets. When we visited OR we have gone shooting once or twice but it was just fun for that one time. Never discussed again.
I should have seen the warning signs to this transition when he asked for hunting apparel for christmas. Which he got but never wore.
He has recently gotten hooked on everything to do with guns, especially going to the local shooting range. Which is literally right down the street from us(we do live in KY!). His Uncle Theron is really into guns and hunting, and my Father has always gone hunting and taken us up in the "hills" for us to shoot at targets. They have become his resources for information on this topic.

He is so hooked he is going shooting today with his friends Nate. Which might I add that he is leaving on Monday and could spend the time with his family!