Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Man

When Jeremy was unpacking Brayden had fun trying on his hard hat. Not Jeremy's normal apparel...but since he is walking through the plants, there is a need for safety!

He was having so much fun!! Such a cutie!!

Here is Brayden the pianist:

More with dad

I don't know why the posts are showing the wrong date! But This post is being done on March 9, 2009.

We had a game night with the Egnews and Natalie and Ellie had fun playing dress up.

The fun continues as my little fashionista continues to have fun dressing herself!!

Jeremy had fun playing with the kids outside in the good weather we have been having. More pixs will come of that when we download from Jeremy's camera.

Daddys home

Jeremy was gone in Florida for a week and a half. Needless to say, it was a long time for the kids to be without their Daddy. Here are some events that happened while he was gone.

Brayden had time to get into my make-up

We did have some fun renting movies(by the way redbox during march is doing a free movie night each wednesday. Get code at, shopping, museum trips, and hanging with friends.
Girls movie night

Play time at mall(on changing area)

Not to mention cleaning!! We mopped all the floors. I hated every minute of it. But it looked great for about a day until the kids spilled food again!!

The girls enjoyed getting into some new outfits(thanks G-ma McRoberts and Aunt Genel!!). Natalies bruise is from tripping into a metal bleacher at my volleyball game. Daddy was there and was suppose to be watching her!!

Last monday the baby had her two month shots!! And a new oral immunization that supposedly helps with less throw up. Not bad if it really works right!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun happenings

We have been having a pretty good time here in KY. I loved having our Parents visit for Jenalee's blessing and having our moms each stay to help. The kids loved having there grandma's here for a few weeks each too!

My mother made the beautiful dress. My mom-in-law made the bonnet and blanket. We all had some part in the headband!

But, as all things do, good things have to come to an end. We are slowly getting back into a regular routine. We have been having fun using our new(well new to us) van to take us to the museum, play with friends,to church(woohoo no more going an hour early), and of course a little shopping!

Today, however, we went to a birthday party for midweek(which was fun) and Brayden ended up doing a major throw up! Not to mention he has been cutting teeth so he had already leaked out of his diaper and then that happened. Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent washing clothes, blankets, and towels that the baby spit up on(she finally is pooing after 4 days of nothing!)or that brayden leaked or threw up on. And taking care of my sick kiddos!!

Lets not dwell on is one day in a long parade of fun days!! We had a wonderful Valentine day. Friday our friends took us out to the precinct...YUM!! It was so much fun I think we are going to have to go again sometime!! I played Bunco Saturday while Heather watched my kids(Jeremy left for UT that day, what would I do without friends!). Thanks Mom the kids loved their gifts!

Okay, no giftpictured with Leah...but she did look so cute in her heart outfit!! Thanks Mom McRoberts! Also, the kids love their V-day animals from you!! Thanks for all the help!

Saturday, we also enjoyed a concert from Zak Morgan. We first saw him last year at a Library show he did in Newport. He is a child entertainer from Cincinnati and does free shows in the area when he is here. The kids love him and watch his Zakland DVD. It was funny because after the show I asked Natalie about how she liked it and she said: "I loved it all, but it was a different Zak." Poor guy has greyed since he filmed the DVD!!Natalie loves her new gloves and leg warmers!! Quite the fashionista!

Tuesday we got the Museum call(a few of us have passes and when one goes we call others to see if they want to too) and as I was getting the kids ready, Leah decided to end her pooping strike! Needless to say we were late getting there and ended up enjoying the Natural history museum by ourselves. Which was actually a lot of fun!! I love the Museum center!

Tuesday night, after a yummy meal at the Egnews, I took the kids to my volleyball game(remember Jeremy is out of town). Here they are as they looked at the end of it(after 9pm). They were troopers, even though Natalie thought she should play and cried at the start of it. Can I just thank the anonymous Blonde lady that held her while I played!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The baby tonight

In an effort to get back into blogging I have changed the background and header. Please enjoy the video of Jenalee that I took tonight while you wait for another update!