Saturday, April 5, 2008

So much has happened!! Update 2

We had a fun day at the park a few days after the snow fall. There was still a little on the ground, but sunny and beautiful enough for us to get out and play!

Later that night we made milkshakes!! Brayden found out that by sitting on my lap he had easy access to a straw and the yummy stuff! It was the first of many fun nights of milkshakes because we had a bunch of fruit to use!

Brayden playing with Magic Bullet lid

Jeremy making the shakes

Natalie enjoying her milkshake

Brayden enjoying my shake

Jeremy and Natalie enjoying theirs

So much has happened!! Update 1

The night of March 7 it started snowing and before we went to bed it had reached 4 inches. Little did we know it would reach up to 15" in some areas! We played in around 11" of snow the next morning.

Brayden and I buried as we tried to sled
Jeremy and the Kids
Jeremy Shoveling the walk(okay I finished this job! I decided I would rather shovel then cook dinner! Crazy!)
Brayden warm inside watching